Extreme Environments

At RPMP Media we specialize in shooting in the world’s most extreme environments.

We have filmed inspiring content on the summit of Mt Everest, with hungry crocodiles in the Okavango Delta and within the frigid temperatures of Antarctica.

RPMP Media as traveled all seven continents producing amazing content in the world’s harshest of environments.

Give RPMP a challenging environment and we will thrive in it. We not only love the challenge but also we have the necessary skills to capture it’s true essence and make you your story or product look good!
- Large Mountains
- Cliffs, Canyons & Caves
- Snow, Ice & Arctic Cold
- Rainforest and Rivers
- Underwater, Big waves, Oceans
- High structures / dangerous rigging
- Aerial videography and photography.
- Skydiving and Base jumping
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Under Martinque - A short video RPMP Media filmed in Martinque