Sticky Sales Videos:

RPMP media we are here to elevate your business. We will listen to your aims and objectives, fit the right artist to your project and focus on a solution that will exceed your expectations.

We all know it’s imperative for businesses to have a strong and functional website, to inform, inspire and sell. But did you know…That the average visitor who finds himself or herself on your site
will take less that 4 seconds to decide whether to stay or to go… That’s not long to make that critical first impression, is it?

So how can we make them stick around?

By simply having a great video on your website. A relevant film on your site can
reduce your ‘bounce rate’ by nearly a third!

Why? Because
86% of your traffic that stumble across your site stick
around and watch it…Video makes your site
over 300% stickier

With video, research from Google Analytics showed that a website average visitor stay went
from less than a minute to more than 5 minutes!

RPMP Media produces high-quality, engaging videos for marketers to take your brand, product or image to the next level.

A targeted and well-produced sales video can:

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