Recent Work

RPMP Media has extensive experience in the production industry.

We are a well-recognized, and award-winning provider of video production, adventure film and related services. RPMP Media has worked with a wide range of industries and clients including Technology, Finance, Entertainment and Government.

Have a look through the following videos to see some of our recent work.
Shooting with RPMP Media in the Utah desert was an amazing process. The team at RPMP used all the tools, including a powered paraglider to capture unique angles. These guys know what it takes to go the extra mile for a client.
Melissa Newcom - Producer
RPMP Media flying with a Waco Biplane.

Our most recent shoot was a Waco Aircraft. This aircraft is simply beautiful located at Pine Mountain Lake Airport in California (E45). RPMP Media was lucky enough to have some amazing light and Jason Johanson's Cessna 206 photo platform to shoot this beautiful footage. Music: Intro by XX.

Some recent RPMP Media Time Lapse Photography

Under Martinque - A short video RPMP Media filmed in Martinque

High Ground - RPMP Media played a large role in shooting this film.

Okavango Delta Botswana from Rex Pemberton on Vimeo.

'The Calling' _Documentary Trailer from Rex Pemberton on Vimeo.

Welcome Timor Leste from Caroline Pemberton on Vimeo.

Skyward Journey from Rex Pemberton on Vimeo.

The Lost Coast from Rex Pemberton on Vimeo.

Caroline Pemberton Showreel from Caroline Pemberton on Vimeo.